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About Us

Welcome to Pineapple Lily, a boutique curated by Lauren, who lives and works in Honolulu.


The Pineapple Lily woman that we shop and curate for is everyday women who are super heroes in their own way. Women who are confident, kind, unique and are bada$* in their own fields. We want women to feel confident in what they wear and who feel good about the merchandise their spending their hard earned money on. 

Pineapple Lily started as Lauren was interning and wanted clothing that was affordable yet versatile to wear for work or play. But in 2 years, it has grown into a community. Pineapple Lily isn't possible without all the women who pour their hearts, ideas and feedback into it. We have grown into a community on Kaua'i and throughout Hawaii. 

See snapshots of our life and work and keep in touch via Instagram, Facebook, and pineapplelilyhi[at]gmail.com.