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New year, new you? or New year, same you?

Aloha :)

It has definitely been a while since I have written last .. But hey, it's 2017! Where has the time gone? This new year, we were posed with the statement of "New year, new you? or new year, same you?". For us here at Pineapple Lily, it is a little bit of both. We are bringing you a lot of new but staying constant in a lot of ways. 

How you ask? Let me tell ya. We have a bunch of new vendors like Cameron Hawaii but also our same old vendors BUT with new designs, new products and new styles. We will be doing our same Oahu and Kauai pop-ups but with new sales, promotions and locations. We have brand new Pineapple Lily recycle bags coming with our same design. 

2016 was very much a learning and growing year. I learned a lot of life lessons and learned from my failures. This past year tested my strength and patience but I came out a better person. 2017 will be a year full of inspiration, growth, creativity and success for Pineapple Lily. 

Mantra of 2017 is "Everything Happens for a Reason". I am letting destiny take it's course with Pineapple Lily. I believe by staying true to who we are, working hard and being kind will see us through.

Buckle up because this is gonna be one heck of a journey :)